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National and International Teaching/Lecturing and Examining Commitments:

FELLOWSHIPS in Hand Surgery

Fellows are accepted to join the practice at Circle Hospital in Bath.
These would generally be senior Trainees in Hand Surgery, but more junior trainees from the level of medical student are considered for briefer periods.

This attachment is open to those in the final stages of training in Hand Surgery – preference is given to those in preparation for FRCS (Plast), FRCS (Orth), or the BSSH Diploma in Hand Surgery. The period can be shared with other units in the same region.
Interested individuals should contact Mandy Rawlings, Personal Assistant to Mr Sammut for information on requirements and vacancy –

INFORMAL TUTORIALS are conducted on a regular basis for senior trainees, preparing for FRCS (Plast), FRCS (Orth) and the BSSH Diploma in Hand Surgery, outside of the Fellowswhip attachments. Next group: tutorials starting January 2018, London. These are not listed. Nor are Departmental and regional teaching meetings.
Interested individuals should contact Mr Sammut directly.

Formal Courses

Fee for 2 day course: £550

Information and application via Vesalius Centre, Southwell Street, Bristol

Email:     Telephone: +44 (0) 117 92874014


Date: Latest: 27th and 28th May 2017;

Next Course: To be announced – spring 2018

Places are secured only by payment of fee.


Two day Course included in the BSSH Educational Programme – Consisting of:
1. Film presentation of dissection 2. Multiple dissection sessions on fresh cadaver specimens,
prosected, and demonstrated, by Hand Surgeons. 3. Surface anatomy demonstration on live model.
The course was founded by Donald Sammut and David Evans and started at Windsor Hand Clinic,
It has been held continuously since 1997, and has recently moved to the Vesalius Centre, Bristol.










Course Accredited by the BSSH and BAHT
CME Points: 13

NEXT course  : 27th – 28th FEBRUARY 2016, Bristol


Faculty Glasgow Anatomy

Faculty: Henk GIELE, David EVANS, Donald SAMMUT, Simon KAY, Lorenzo GARAGNANI, Vikram DEVARAJ

For information:
CME points 13

Next Course:  23rd-24th February 2018

Download further course information (PDF 150kb)


Teaching calendar


25th -26th February 2017
BSSH Upper Limb Dissection Course
Vesalius Training Centre, University of Bristol, Bristol
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7th April 2017
BSSH/BFIRST Overseas Symposium, Royal College of Surgeons, London
Lecture: Building Sustainability: Setting up and running a surgical project in resource-poor communities

8th April 2017
Faculty and Organiser:
‘So you want to be a Hand Surgeon…’
One day course for Core trainees and students; Royal College of Surgeons, London
Lectures on
Reconstructing the Hand
Medicolegal aspects of Hand Surgery/Overseas work
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27th/28th May 2017
Two day cadaver dissection course on
Tendon Transfers in the hand and forearm
Day one: Musculoskeletal Anatomy of the Hand and Forearm
Day Two: Tendon transfers Median, Ulnar and Radial paralysis
Masterclass – One man Faculty – DS
Vesalius Centre, Bristol
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27th September 2017
Lecture: Nerve entrapment in the upper limb
FISIC 2017 Conference (Fortius Clinic) London

3rd to 17th October 2017

Series of Seminars on Functional  and Clinical Anatomy of the Upper Limb
Intercalated BSc in Functional and Clinical Anatomy
Centre for Applied Anatomy, University of Bristol
3rd October: Seminar One
10th October: Seminar Two
17th October: Seminar Three

Seminar themes:
The hand is both a major sensory organ and a performer of work.
Afferents from the finger pulps and palm, as well as proprioceptors from hand joints and tendons are generously represented on the sensory homunculus. It is the performing end of a strong, versatile, very mobile upper limb which enables orientation in space, prehension and manipulation and the transmission of force. It is our main means of interacting with the physical world and has, literally, shaped the man made environment in which we live.

The limb is connected to the trunk via a complex  and powerful pectoral girdle of musculature and one articulation. This is able to deliver force in either direction, as in lifting a heavy object, wielding a tool or, conversely, lifting the trunk and the rest of the body, as in climbing.

How does the limb, and especially the hand, dialogue with the world? And how does its anatomy enable it to do so?

In this series of seminars, aspects of anatomy, biomechanics and function are explored with particular emphasis on normal function and clinical aspects. How does the limb adjust to deterioration and wear, to traumatic loss or to congenital absence? How does surgery use the biomechanical language of the hand to reconstruct, and to make best use of altered or missing anatomy?

Pathology; deterioration; loss or adjustment through trauma and congenital malformations as well as the principles of reconstruction are used to illustrate the characteristics  of anatomy of the hand and upper limb.

9th November 2017
Building a Consultant NHS and Private Practice
BSSH Trainee Day, Edinburgh

16th November to 2nd December 2017
Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital, Janatpur and Kirtipur Hospital, Kathmandu
Series of Lectures, Tutorials and Teaching Operative sessions
Topics: Biomechanics, Hand trauma, Congenital Hand surgery, Anatomy of the Upper limb,
Regional anaesthesia, Tendon Transfers, Clinical Signs in Hand Examination
Instructional course at: Kirtipur Hospital, Plastic Surgery Unit, Kathmandu, Nepal




3rd February 2018
Tutorials on : Intrinsic Muscle examination and Understanding
BSSH Instructional Courses in Hand Surgery, Manchester 2nd/3rd February
Coordinator: Mr Lindsay Muir, Hand Surgeon, Manchester

14th March 2018
Public Lecture:  Drawing; Surgery and Poetry
at: Marks Make Meaning exhibition and events at University of Brighton.
Coordinator: Dr Philippa Lyon, Research Fellow, University of Brighton

23rd -24th February 2018
BSSH Upper Limb Dissection Course
Vesalius Training Centre, University of Bristol, Bristol
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13th April 2018
Invited Speaker; Meeting
The Biomechanics of the hand with focus on the intrinsic muscles and the paralyzed hand

Theme: Sport trauma of the hand and wrist, CMCJ of the thumb, nerve and wrist problems.
Utrecht, Holland


27th April 2018
Keynote speaker: Canadian Society of Hand Therapists
11th Annual Conference, Ottawa, Ontario

Nerve Anatomy of the Upper Limb
Tendon transfers in the hand
Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Thumb
Leprosy surgery in Nepal

29th and 30th November 2018
Invited Speaker: Italian Society of Hand Surgery


ligaments, tendons, fractures and arthroplasty

  • Surgical Anatomy of the Extensor System
  • Swan Neck Deformity
  • Cadaver Demonstration:
         Swan Neck Deformity
         Boutonnière Deformity
         Extensor Tendon Anatomy
  • Surgical Anatomy of the Flexor Tendon 

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