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National and International Teaching/Lecturing FELLOWSHIPS in Hand Surgery

Fellows are accepted to join the practice at Circle Hospital in Bath.
These would generally be senior Trainees in Hand Surgery, but more junior trainees from the level of medical student are considered for briefer periods. Hand Therapists are also welcome to observe clinics and theatre lists.

This attachment is particularly open, and suitable, to those in the final stages of training in Hand Surgery – preference is given to those in preparation for FRCS (Plast), FRCS (Orth), or the BSSH Diploma in Hand Surgery. The period can be shared with other units in the same region, such as the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford.
Interested individuals should contact Mr Sammut for information on requirements and vacancy.

INFORMAL TUTORIALS are conducted on a regular basis for senior trainees, preparing for FRCS (Plast), FRCS (Orth) and the BSSH Diploma in Hand Surgery, outside of the Fellowship attachments. These are not listed. Nor are Departmental and regional teaching meetings.
Interested individuals should contact Mr Sammut directly.



Formal Courses






Two day cadaveric demonstration course dedicated to instruction on Tendon Transfers in the Hand
Day 1: Anatomy of the Forearm and Hand
Day 2: Tendon Transfers in the Hand
Course Organiser: Donald Sammut
Venue: The Vesalius Clinical Training Centre, Southwell Street, Bristol (University of Bristol)
Faculty: Donald Sammut, Hand Surgeon, Bath and London
Leclercq, Hand Surgen, Paris
                Wee Lam, Hand Surgeon, Edinburgh
                Henk Giele, Hand Surgeon, Oxford
1. Specialist Trainees in Orthopaedic and Plastic Surgery
2. Hand Therapists
3. Consultant Hand Surgeons
Maximum 28 participants
Day 1
The day consists of five sessions of prosection conducted by Faculty (DS) with a maximum of 10 participants seated around the table. Participants will perform no dissection but will be free to assist, to question, request repeat and discuss. The course will start with a video presentation of the material to be covered that day, with live commentary.
Day 2
1. General introduction to biomechanics and principles of tendon transfer
2. Lecture on Median Nerve anatomy and paralysis
3. Dissection session on Tendon transfer for Median Nerve paralysis
a. The 4 main opposition plasties
b. Surgery for high median palsy
4. Lecture on Ulnar Nerve anatomy and paralysis
5. Dissection session on Tendon Transfer for Ulnar nerve paralysis
a. Correction of the Intrinsic minus hand
b. Adductorplasty of the thumb
c. Adductorplasty of the little finger
d. Supplementary techniques (tenodesis, stabilisation etc.)
6. Lecture on Radial Nerve Palsy anatomy and paralysis
7. Dissection session on Tendon transfer for Radial nerve paralysis
a. Restoration of Thumb extension
b. Restoration of Wrist extension
c. Restoration of long digit extension
8. Miscellaneous dissection e.g. Swan neck correction

Fee for 2 day course: £650

Information and application via:

Next Course: To be announced; Provisional: Spring 2020
                          Expressions of interest are invited. Contact DS

Places are secured only by payment of fee.



One day course, organised by the British Society for Surgery of the Hand, on the practice of Hand Surgery. This course is aimed primarily at the Core Surgery Trainee who has decided on a career in Surgery, but has yet to choose a speciality. It is, however open to all, from Students to those in formal Plastic Surgery or Orthopaedic Training.

The course will cover all levels of a career in Hand Surgery, from the early stages of training up to practice as a Consultant. Faculty has been selected from all levels – Foundation doctor to Consultant Hand Surgeons.

Venue: The Royal College of Surgeons of England, Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London

Cost: Free of charge; deposit retained against attendance.

Date: This course has been suspended for the present

Course Organiser and Faculty Head: Donald Sammut, Hand Surgeon

Details and Application: BSSH Secretariat:


Two day Course of dissection performed by prosectors – Consisting of:
1. Film presentation of dissection

2. Multiple dissection sessions on fresh cadaver specimens, prosected, and demonstrated, by Hand Surgeons.

3. Surface anatomy demonstration on live model.

The course was founded by Donald Sammut and David Evans and launched at Windsor Hand Clinic,
It has been held continuously since 1996, and is currently  held at the Vesalius Centre, Bristol.

Anatomy Course


Faculty Pool:  David EVANS, Henk Giele, Donald SAMMUT, Lorenzo Garagnani., Vikram Devaraj, Simon KAY, Carlos Heras-Palou, Sam Gidwani, Dan Wilks.

For information:

CME points 13

Next Course:  4th and 5th March 2020
Course fully booked

Download further information/flyer
please contact Donald Sammut if you wish to be placed on a waiting list and/or included in future announcements

Images from Feb 2019 Course

Teaching calendar


29th -30th January 2019
Anatomy and Paralysis of the Upper limb
Lectures, instructional surgery on:
Median, Ulnar and Radial Paralysis
Anatomy dissection of the Upper limb
Extensor Tendon Anatomy
Biomechanics of the hand
Joint Contra
ctures, Swan Neck, Boutonniere deformities
Instructional Course for hand Surgeons and trainees; Kirtipur University Hospital, Kathmandu

27th-28th February 2019
Upper Limb Dissection Course
Vesalius Training Centre, University of Bristol, Bristol
Flyer and information

20th March 2019
Lectures to Plastic and Orthopaedic Juniors, Oxford

Median Nerve and Ulnar Nerve Paralysis:
Biomechanics, diagnosis and management

3rd April 2019

Art and Humanities Students (2nd Year Medical Students)
King’s College, London
Course in ‘Art of Anatomy and Surgery’
Seminar: Art in Surgery

15th May 2019
Lectures to Plastic Surgery Team Stoke Mandeville Hospital
Symposium on Work in Low Resource Communities Overseas:

Work in low resource communities overseas: 
why, how, when… and making it sustainable.


10th June 2019

Teaching Seminar
Year 4 Medical Humanities, University of Exeter
Leprosy Surgery in India and Nepal


25th – 27th September 2019

European Course in Plastic Surgery, Oxford
Lectures on:
Biomechanics of the Hand
Tendon Transfers in the Hand


26th October 2019

Invited lectures to Belgian Hand Therapy Society
Symposium: Nerves of the Hand, Van der Valk Hotel, Brussels
1. The Anatomy of Nerve Compressions
2. Biomechanics of the Hand and Tendon Transfers for Hand Paralysis 

1st April 2020

Biomechanics of The Hand;
Anatomy, Pathology, Reconstruction 
How does the hand dialogue with the world?
How does its anatomy enable it to achieve what it does?
How do the thumb and digits interact with each other?
How is function affected when the hand is paralysed or Injured?
What are the principles of Restoration of Function?

Venue:Meeting rooms 2/3 
Bridgwater Community Hospital
Bower Lane
Bridgwater   TA6 4GU                      
Date: Wednesday 1st April 2020;  6.00-7.00 pm
To attend: Please contact:                               
No lecture fee
Donations to the Nepal Leprosy Charity run by D Sammut Working Hands
gratefully received at
Free parking available at front of hospital


31st October – 1st November
BSSH/IHSS Joint meeting

Invited lecture:
Tendon Transfers for Median and Ulnar Paralysis: Indications and Techniques
Joint meeting British and Irish Hand Societies, Dublin


16th November – 6th December 2019
Lecturing Programme:
Green Pastures Hospital, Pokhara, Nepal
Kirtipur Hospital, Kathmandu, Nepal
Programme: Anatomy; Biomechanics; clinical hand surgery



18th January 2020

Keynote lecture: Using Art in Surgery – The Surgeon as Artist
Kings College London Surgical Society

Anatomy Course

4th-5th March 2020

Upper Limb Dissection Course
Vesalius Centre, Bristol Medical School
See detailed Flyer above


26th -27th June 2020
Instructional Tutorials on the Intrinsic Muscles of the hand
BSSH Instructional Course, Manchester
Series 8.2 (Tendons: Extensor and Flexor)

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