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Donald Sammut - Hand Surgeon

Photograph by Sam Pelly


Main Practice:


CircleBath Hospital
Foxcote Avenue, Peasedown St John,
Bath, BA2 8SQ


1 Welbeck Street
Marylebone, London W1G 0AR

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Donald Sammut is a Plastic Surgeon and a specialist Hand Surgeon. His clinical practice is divided between Bath and London and deals exclusively with Hand Surgery. His particular interests include the reconstruction of hands following trauma or degeneration, Nerve and tendon surgery, and the reanimation of the paralysed hand. He is a teacher, and a frequent lecturer at National and International scientific meetings. He is involved in the training of surgeons in Hand Surgery, as well as in the preparation and conduct of Hand Surgery examinations. He has created, and runs, an independent annual Anatomy dissection course of the Upper limb which has been running continuously  since 1996 and is established as one of the core training courses in Hand Surgery.. 

Founder of the UK Charity, Working Hands, he has established a programme of Hand Surgery in Nepal, and travels there once, sometimes twice, a year to reconstruct and reanimate paralysed hands in patients with leprosy, and, more importantly, to teach local surgeons. He is a Visiting Senior Lecturer in Hand Surgery at Kirtipur University Hospital, Kathmandu

He is also an artist and illustrator of both Medical and non-medical works. All illustrations on this website are his.


Special areas of Clinical Practice

Contact during Covid-19

The private practice in Bath is currently closed in-line with the Governmental guidelines.
The private practice in London is re-opened on a slimmed down basis, with some 
The Medicolegal practice is open as normal but examination of Claimants is only possible at the London Practice (OneWelbeck, Marylebone)

Donald Sammut is working remotely and can be contacted by email on:

Your email will be responded to as soon as possible, usually within a few hours.

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