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Sulis Hospital Bath

Consultations and operative sessions are conducted at Sulis Hospital Bath, under local, Regional and General anaesthesia, on a Day Case or inpatient basis.


Central London: Consultations and Operative sessions: OneWelbeck

One Welbeck  
1 Welbeck Street
London W1G 0AR


Private Practice work is conducted at both Bath and London Venues.
NHS eBooking work is limited to the Bath PracticeMap

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Operation Fees: The consultation fee covers the initial visit and any further pre-operative advice. Fees for most procedures are standard and within insurance company guidelines. Precise details vary according to patients’ needs and these are discussed and determined at consultation.

If the fees are to vary from the Insurance guidelines, this will be discussed and approval sought from the insurance company. Itemised estimates are provided on request to self-pay, uninsured patients. In these cases, the quoted fee will include all post operative visits and consultations relating to the surgery.